Blake Pointing

Professional lime mortar pointing in Loughton, East London and Wanstead

At Blake Pointing, we are specialists in all aspects of repointing brickwork. Continuously trading since 1969, we have provided high quality pointing services to commercial clients and domestic customers in Loughton, East London and Wanstead for almost fifty years.

With so many older buildings in the area that we cover, it is sometimes not appropriate to utilise modern repointing materials, and so we use traditional lime mortar pointing techniques instead to maintain the integrity of these heritage and listed buildings.


What is lime mortar pointing?

When pointing or repointing a building today, we use modern cement and mortar for the pointing. It is a general use bonding material, suitable for the vast majority of jobs that we take on. However, modern cement can contain ingredients that prove detrimental to older building materials, be they bricks or stone, which is where lime mortar pointing proves useful.

Modern mortar is usually a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Lime mortar, by comparison, is a mixture of lime, sand, and water. It was popularly used as a pointing material until the early thirties, when cement mortar became the standard used in the construction industry.

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