Blake Pointing

Professional tuck pointing in East London and Wanstead

Here at Blake Pointing, we are experts in every aspect of repointing brickwork. Continuously trading since 1969, we have delivered high quality repointing services to both domestic customers and commercial clients in Loughton, Wanstead and East London for the past fifty years.

One particular aspect of the repointing industry that requires specific skills from our team of highly trained professionals is that of tuck pointing, which is used to give a distinctive finish to a house.


What is tuck pointing?

Tuck pointing (sometimes contracted to tuckpointing) is a method of repointing brickwork that results in a unique and stylish visual effect.

Most pointing is simply a layer of mortar, whether cement or lime, used as a bonding material between two sets of bricks or stones. With tuck pointing, two differently-coloured batches of mortar are mixed and used in three layers. The darker mortar is mixed to match the colour of the brickwork and applied directly to the bricks. Sandwiched between these two layers is a thin layer of lighter mortar.

The resulting effect is to appear that the bricks are joined together by a very thin layer of bonding mortar, although a closer inspection will reveal that it is just the way the darker mortar blends into the colour of the bricks. A good example of this technique can be found at 10 Downing Street, of all places, where a thin layer of white pointing is sandwiched between two layers of black mortar to match the surrounding bricks.

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